6IXER: Sergio Senatore

I’ve known Sergio for years. Having spent a decade shooting nightlife, I captured many of his events. I first met Sergio Senatore at Century Room on a Thursday night in 2006. I was new on the scene, a kid in an ill fitted suit, trying (and failing) to blend in. Walking into Century’s main room, his was the booth surrounded by dozens of people hoping to get in on the epicentre of the party. Well dressed and confident with a beaming smile, Sergio stood out.


Over the years, his style has changed as much as King Street West itself. And that’s where I met with him today. I had an opportunity to sit down with Sergio in his home at King and Bathurst. A beautiful open concept condo featuring a gorgeous wooden wall custom built by ALX Home in the living area, anchored by a large C shaped couch that almost demands that you throw yourself on to.

Sergio describes his home’s design as both modern and classic. The minimalistic layout features a splash of colour with the yellow cabinet on top of which lay a collection of hats and fedoras (Brimz on Queen and John is one of his favourite boutiques), all neatly lined up on display as art. Knowing the sleek styles from the guys at Brimz, I think he’s on to something.


A weathered barn door makes up the dining table surrounded by chairs that he “bought off an old lady”. The kitchen is sparse and small, but it’s not like he needs it. Sergio admits to eating out “all the time”. His go to place is Baro, off King West, further north on Queen.



Not where you’d think you’d find a man who is often seen in crisp suits and perfectly groomed hair. During the day time, Sergio likes a different kind of suit. An avid Nike fan, he kicks back in track suits and sportswear. “Brands aren’t important. It’s all about the fit and being comfortable in what you wear” he says, before admitting that he does own high fashion brands.

Born and raised in Mimico, Sergio got in early on real estate — his grandfather astutely advised him that “you can never go wrong with real estate” — and got involved in entertainment promotions while living on and off in New York before settling back in the 6ix.


Sergio Senatore launched his new entertainment brand Cult just a few short months ago and it’s already established itself as one of the top entertainment brands in the city — one that you’d want to be associated with. So it’s fitting that Sergio offered to host my new project, 6ixSpot, tonight at Brassaii.

In today’s social media world where “Followers” count, Sergio wants “people to know that Cult is not just a following. It’s a lifestyle”.

You can find Sergio Monday through Saturday at different venues throughout the city.

  • Mondays – Thompson Rooftop
  • Tuesdays – Everleigh
  • Wednesday – Brassaii
  • Thursday – Wildflower
  • Friday – Brassaii
  • Saturday – Maison Mercer

This Sunday, Cult is hosting the famous once a month day time Le Brunch at Brassaii.






Pedro Marques

6IXER editor and photographer. Smart home enthusiast. Aspiring minimalist.