Mrs Robinson

The shelves are stocked with vinyl. Diana Ross, Al Green, Nina Simone, Run DMC. This place feels like it’s always been here. A well worn, comfortable, favourite hangout. Mrs Robinson opened its doors on College Street last month and it’s already found its groove here.
From the same team that brought us The Good Son on West Queen West, Mrs Robinson is a retro cocktail bar with a heavy focus on 60s, 70s, and 80s music. You’ll hear Soul, Funk, Disco and Old School Hip Hop with two live music nights a week.

Drum sticks sit on the bar next to a drink, an electric guitar leans against a nearby speaker, a trumpet sits on a bookshelf. Bubblegum Bikini are having a drink before going on. They hit it off with their own funky interpretation of Kool & The Gang’s Jungle Boogie while the guests sip their drinks.

The carefully curated cocktail menu was assembled by Connor Scott who you’ll also find at the Good Son. I’m enjoying a “Little Priest”. The foamy entree is accompanied with the scent of the rosemary garnish. It tops off with a peachy flavour. Delicious. I later had a “Second Chance Machine”, a bitter and citrus drink wrapped in a brown paper bag.

Trevor Speis, Partner at Mrs. Robinson says: “We have dedicated a tremendous amount of time into perfecting each of our cocktails and hand selecting each and every one of our songs. The only thing that’s as fresh as our cocktails is our music.”

The band has switched gears into a Stevie Wonder medley. Food is coming out of the kitchen. Braised Beef, Chopped Cheese sliders, and buttermilk fried chicken go by. Disco night Wednesday’s are Oyster night. The menu rotates so you’ll regularly find something new to try.

The crowd is a mix of thirty somethings and a segment younger than the 70s era music would suggest. They’re loving it. The place isn’t uncomfortably packed but you can fit one hundred or so people in here with room to mingle.

Mrs Robinson is lined with plush couches on one side and a long bar on the other. The entrance is open to the street so you remain connected to College Street and passers by get a taste of the music and atmosphere.

“The concept of Mrs Robinson developed from a deep appreciation of the early influences of hip-hop. Not necessarily DJ Kool Herc or Grandmaster Flash, but rather all of the influential artists before the hip-hop era – the soul, funk and disco artists from the 1960s through to the 1980s,” says Oleg Dreitser, Partner of Mrs Robinson. “If you live for music, we invite you to her house.”

Mrs Robinson is open 6pm Tuesday to Sunday. Live acoustic old school hip-hop Tuesday’s, through disco Wednesday’s, soul and funk live music on Thursday’s, Friday and Saturday a DJ spins Soul, Funk and Old School Hip-Hop and the week ends with Soul Sunday’s.

Groove with it at 574 College St. Mrs Robinson is expecting you.




Pedro Marques

6IXER editor and photographer. Smart home enthusiast. Aspiring minimalist.